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The Queens Cottage

The accommodation is set in the courtyard behind The Queens and next to our pretty patio area, where in the summer you can sit out, relax and enjoy a few drinks. The apartments consist of three separate units, The Cottage which is split into ‘Upper Cottage’ and ‘Lower Cottage’ and ‘The Stable’ which is next door.

The Cottages can be rented on a nightly basis during the week but Fridays and Saturdays are a two night stay only. You can book them as a 'ROOM ONLY' rate or with a 'BREAKFAST RATE' which is a breakfast voucher for Bakers of Tower Street our friends cafe opposite. They are extremely good value and situated less than 70 paces from our front door. In all the cottages we operate a NO SMOKING policy.

If you wish to eat in the restaurant during your stay with us, please book a table when you book a room, as the restaurant can get very busy.